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Meet The Photographer

Greetings, I'm Rafaella Pedroso!

I'm a San Francisco-based photographer specializing in professional headshots, portraits, and branding photography. My focus is always on ensuring my clients feel comfortable and valued throughout our time together, whether it's an in-studio session or an on-location project. I strive to tailor each experience to meet the unique needs and desires of those who come to my studio.

How It
All Began?

It all began with fashion. Both my parents immersed themselves in the fashion industry, paving their way as entrepreneurs. Our home overflowed with stunning photographs and fashion magazines from their explorations. I vividly remember losing myself in those pages, absorbing every detail.
Little did I know at the time, but those were the moments that made me fall in love with photography. When I bought my first camera, everything just clicked. Photography became my avenue for self-expression. And now, as each person steps into my studio, I cherish the collaborative masterpiece that unfolds between you, me, and the camera.
Behind each image lies a team of talented professionals. Through my work, I've come to appreciate the collaborative effort required to achieve artistic results. I work with a team of the best professionals in the industry to bring your vision to life.

My Team
of Creators

From photo editors to makeup artists and hair stylists, we work together seamlessly to ensure your photoshoot is a success.
The individuals who enjoy my services are not easily defined. They are people who, like you and me, spend a little time each day trying to figure out life in the modern world. 

Who Comes to
The Studio?

They are on their own journeys and empower everyone around them to enjoy their own paths. Stopping in my studio is just one step along their journey.
They are uniquely beautiful and want to capture who they are at this very moment and who they will be down the road.​They don't seek attention; they simply want to live to their full potential.

Customer Review

"I purchased Rafaella's professional headshot package and couldn't be happier with the five-star experience. Before the shoot, we discussed my goals and how I intended to use the photos, and she provided great outfit recommendations. On the shoot day, Rafaella's professionalism and excellent direction put me at ease. The results were fantastic."

Jacqueline Lee

VP, General Counsel at Flynn Group
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